whenever i ask questions on here i get the same kinds of answers. to me it seems like i'm asking an old, conservative audience. So frequent people on here, how old are you? how would you describe your beliefs?


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Obviously you haven't been on this site that long, dude I'm only 25 and my favorite song is super freak by Rick James, get a grip and stop age shaming!

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My age is irrelevant. My advice is given from my life experience, or that of my friends or family. My friends range in age, from their teens into their 90s. And my age is somewhere in between.  Do I give conservative advice? Sometimes, but other times it is less so. By you hiding behind the anonymous sign in, I can't tell which questions and answers you are referring to. 

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Rather than an "old, conservative audience," perhaps you stumbled across a young, intelligent, and educated audience who---because you post as "anonymous"---are reluctant to give you any more specific advice because you choose to hide yourself from us. 

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I'm 10 and I still breastfeed. How liberal is that?!?!

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I know some young people who have very conservative attitudes.

( I love older people. They have time proven good advice and heaps of experiences to share. I value them for that. )

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