Do Cannabis Free Cigarettes Actually Taste Like Marijuana?


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Lee Good answered

What do you mean saying "cannabis fee" ? Acrually I never heard about such cigaretters before, really. If you mean medical marijuana , I think it still smells like cannabis because it contains useful cannabidiol, but is THC free.

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Karl Sagan answered

Only thanks to medical marijuana I was able to get rid of the bad habit of Smoking cigarettes. I really like to learn more about these amazing products and that's why I read the blog all the time. By the way, I think that you will also be interested to read an article about strawberry cough strain. That explains a lot.

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carlos Striker answered

Mate. Why smoke at all?

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Anonymous answered
The ingredients listed are passion flower, catnip, mint and wild lettuce.
I have never tried them, but I find it hard to believe they could taste at all like marijuana.
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Yes they do, I have tried them and like them very much. I think they smell and taste like the real thing

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