How Much Do Mayfair Cigarettes Cost Duty Free In Spain?


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The price of duty free Mayfair cigarettes in Spain will vary from store to store but on average you can expect to pay around 50 Euros for a carton of 200 cigarettes. This converts to approximately 70 dollars with each cigarette costing about 35 cents each. Their duty free prices are significantly lower than those on the high street and also allow customers to buy in bulk.

• Duty Free

Duty free stores are those that are exempt from paying local taxes. The reason that they are exempt is that the products are bought on the requirement that the customer will be taking them out of the country. The fact that the local taxes do not need to be paid makes it possible for duty free stores to sell products for a lower price.

Duty free shops are typically found at airports and sea ports. Often the products can also be bought onboard the plane or boat. Some state crossings in the United States and Canada also have duty free shopping for car travelers.

• Mayfair Cigarettes

Produced by the Gallaher Group, Mayfair cigarettes are available in seven different varieties; King Size, Fine King Size, King Size Smooth, Menthol, Superkings, Superkings Menthol and Superkings Smooth. Mayfair cigarettes are one of the cheapest and most popular brands in the United Kingdom. Launched in 1992, Mayfair cigarettes came with the slogan "A good smoke at a fair price."

It should be possible to get a carton of 200 Mayfair cigarettes from duty free shops in Spain for approximately 50 Euros. Larger cartons may be available and although they will be initially more expensive they will work out much cheaper per cigarette.

Cigarettes are typically the best value products available at a duty free shop as they are never reduced or on offer in supermarkets. Duty free alcohol, beauty products and clothes are often not that much cheaper than deals on the high street.
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