Where I Can Find A Life Size Cardboard Cutout Of The Beatles?


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There are a variety of websites where it may be possible to gain a life size cut out of any celebrity, including The Beatles.

One website is This website does not already have a life size cut out of The Beatles but if you have managed to find a picture of The Beatles online, you can upload it onto the side and get the cut out made. The main problem with this is that it may be difficult to find a photograph that is of a high enough resolution as the picture will be made much bigger than the original size so it must be high enough resolution to remain clear and detailed once it has been expanded. has a whole section dedicated to celebrity stand-ups. They have over 800 Beatles posters, T-shirts and other memorabilia but they do not seem to have any cut outs. There are, however, life size posters which may be of interest.

It may be possible to find original cardboard stand-ups on online auction sites such as eBay. Many people collected the cut-outs when they were originally released for promotional reasons and were played in theaters and music centers. Fans and collectors will have kept some of them and they are often sold but can be auctioned for massive amounts of money, particularly if they are in good condition and were originally used at big gigs. is another website dedicated solely to Beatles merchandise. The sell everything from caps to mugs to T-shirts to life-size posters. There are no cut-outs but they do update their merchandise regularly so there may be some cardboard cut-outs of them in the future. The website does sell some fantastic wall art which may be of interest.
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Well I would say the absolutely best place to go online is
by simply searching what you want I'm sure millions of users will be selling what you want. From there ebay is a great place to bargain and they also ship depending on their location.
If ebay doesn't work out for you there is also though I'm not the biggest fan of that site. It's all up to you though try both see what you find, hope this helps.

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