Where To Find Life Size Cardboard Cutout Of Chuck Norris?


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Unfortunately, there does not seem to be any stores online that stock life-size cardboard cutouts of Chuck Norris.

Your best bet may be to head to your local movie or comic book store and ask if they stock life-size cardboard cutouts of Chuck Norris. If they don't actually stock them, they may well still know who may provide them and they could order one for you or simply give you the info for the company that produce them.

Another option is to keep checking auction websites such as If you head to their homepage and then type in 'life-size Chuck Norris cardboard cutout' then you will be able to see if any members are currently listing this item. If you are not already a member of then you will have to sign up before you can buy anything on the site. It is free to sign up and only takes a few minutes of your time.

You will also need to sign up to as this is the payment method you use to send and receive money via Again it is straightforward to sign up and is free apart from the charges they levy on any products you sell.

You can also try companies such as which offer a personalized service, they will print any image of a person onto a life-size cardboard cutout. Therefore you could ask them to do one of Chuck Norris, however they may say they are unable to do this as it could get them in trouble over copyright and licensing laws.

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