Why do people use Blurtit?


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Jason Schwarzmann Profile is a fun and easy way to share what you know with an international community of users and like-minded 'Blurters'. Ask any question, and see what answers you get. Someone out there knows the answer and is raring to share their knowledge with you!

If you see something you know the answer to, Blurtit back: Your answers and opinions might be seen by thousands of people across the globe.

We aim to have an answer for everything, but we need help from people like you all over the world to compile encyclopedic knowledge, helping each other out along the way.

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It's Private Huh Profile
Well a person (even one person) has a lot of questions to ask.. Usually it's hard to find answers for them.. But you do find them easily on Blurtit.. 

Especially if you have lots of friends, so that the next time you ask question, you can go to the option of sharing the question with your friends and that's when you receive a lot of answers to just one question. I hope my answer helps you..
tinga nih Profile
tinga nih answered
Well.. Why NOT???

You can't really know good reasons if you don't try.. We have individual reasons for everything.. Some people do it for past time, some to ask, some to know, some to help, some to make friends, some to be happy.. And so much more...
You are the only one who can answer your question.. As to you were asking why should I(meaning you) join Blurtit..

Personally.. I joined to kill time.. But now I made great friends..good conversation.. And happiness.. =D I hope you find things to satisfy you as well..
Ben Smith Profile
Ben Smith answered
You can post your questions and give answers if you are knowledgeable to any topic
Omer Butt Profile
Omer Butt answered
To make new friends and have fun with groups that Blurtit offers.
This place is a good hangout and to pass time by answering questions, when you have literally nothing to do-LOL!
Sarah Profile
Sarah answered
Awesome website
shamar shamar Profile
shamar shamar answered
Well you already joined it lots of fun here we make friends here and we ask questions and get answer and we also answer questions and get points.

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