How Do You Delete Your Blurtit Account?


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You can ask to have your Blurtit account deleted by heading over to http:.// and submitting a request.

This will remove your name and profile from ALL content you've posted on Blurtit, and in a few weeks Google should also stop associating your name with any of your content.

Alternatively, you can go to 'Account Settings" (click on your image on the top right of the page to display that menu). From there, simply edit your user name and profile picture so no-one will know who you are!

Finally, you can continue using Blurtit anonymously if you don't want people to know who you are.

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mystery Do
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how do you submit a request
Yo Kass
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There's a little envelope icon on the right of the page that says 'contact support' - hope you're not planning on giving up on us just yet though, I enjoyed reading your comments + answers :) Also we're learning from users and trying to improve the Blurtit experience day by day, so feedback is appreciated!

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