Would you consider me a weirdo in your terms or am I normal? Is normal boring to you? To me, it is.


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Ray Ottewell Profile
Ray Ottewell answered
No you ain't normal, if you where normal I would not answer your questions, and this ain't a normal question :)) thats why I answered it LOL.
Addilynn All Star Profile
Yes you're a weirdo in your own way , like I said I'm actually normal , which makes you guys ABnormal...8) simples..
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Maxine Chan
Maxine Chan commented
Haha no you are weird to me & your clumsy... I would be scared you might set me on fire loll.
Hayden Hansen Profile
Hayden Hansen answered
We're all weirdos, but we're happy weirdos. :)
Janey Profile
Janey answered
You're not boring at all Maxine - you're just like me interesting and unique and for me normal is just boring.Someone's else's definition of weird is my definition of cool !

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