I am Daniel Levington most people who know me on here are of the opinion that Im 15 years old cus thats what I told them... I am infact only 14 years old and have lied to you all, im ashamed of myself and its cost me a relationship, Im really sorry?


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Hey everyone does that in relationships.There'sa 40 something lady at work here going out with a 19year old and she's passing herself off as 22 - yeah I know don't ask lol.These white lies mean nothing in the bigger picture and she maybe used this as an excuse as a 1-year age diff means nothing.
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I didn't realise who it was- sorry to hear about that Dan & maybe you guys can get back together again.
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Hey you're welcome & soz if my answer was a bit smarty-pantsy ::)
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So what mate, one year makes like no difference :) you're still the same person and girls have a way of coming back around...;)
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Don't sweat it bro its only one year difference and yes most girls if they really love you will come back around
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What you like Dan? Your guilty as charged the worst that can happen is that you've learnt from it and at least you told the truth eventualy,and to be honest most on here lie about there age and don't come clean about it,
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At least you ain't a 40yr old, posing as a 15yr old. Hey its cool, whats a year between friends :))
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Ahh well ,don't we all make mistakes? And we all lie? Yep we do! We all say these little white lies we don't think matter....I understand your problem but...if its not a big lie and didnt gain you anything what was the point of it then? ;) I always thought that if somebody lies its not a problem unless your lie hurts another so if it had your time to mend it , and don't stress cus you;re only young and people have done worse things! :)
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Are you older than 14 1/2?  Besides age is no big deal but its the lie that got you, didnt it? Sorry to hear that and hope you learned here but all is forgiven and life goes on
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Arthur Wright
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Just let it die out now my friend, you apologized and admitted you were wrong so let it go now and now you will find out who your real true friends are on here
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~Ahhh the fresh smell of total BS.
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Well I am not mad at you. My wife does not like to admit how old she is. Lol!! I think it bothers her that she is older than me. Don't worry. Lying is never good, but one year is not the end of the world. So who is she and why did she get so upset over one year?
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Dan Levington
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Well she has just turned 17 so its not fair to her to go out with a 14 year old is it
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Lol!! Been there. As you get older it does not matter as much. My wife is six years older than me.
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Hey it's cool. My mom and dad have a nine year age difference. They get along fine....well sort of. Haha. It's okay. You're still the same person inside. You could've done worse things. Everything's gunna work out. Don't you worry.
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1 year I hardly anything to feel guilty about. If you'd said you were, like, 18, then that would be wrong, but 14, 15... Doesn't matter.

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Sorry to hear about that, we could all use a lesson of bearing the truth. Maybe a heartfelt apology will help. Good Luck with it.

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