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This is my experience...

I was a string bean before my period came. When it finally did, I filled out everywhere. Hips, breasts, thighs, and butt. I'm still very thin, but you can tell that I've matured. Everyone is different, but yes, your breasts tend to grow once your period starts.
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In a guy's world, he's always right. No matter how bad he screwed up, he will only take a small fraction of blame. Don't let him get to you Maxine.
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In the first equation, change it to y=3x+2 (move 3x to the right of the equal sign, and then divide by -1, since it is now -y). Equation #2 should now be 5y=-6x+24


Substitute for x

5(3x+2)=-6x+24 eliminate parentheses with the distributive property
15x+10=-6x+24 combine like terms (x)
21x+10=24 eliminate constant (+,-)
21x=14 eliminate coefficient (*,/)
X=2/3 (: Plug … Read more
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I would love to see the Holocaust and World War 2. I know it's depressing and horrible, but it fascinates me. I would also have loved to go back to the 1980s. I think it's the best decade. I would like to meet Abraham Lincoln because I think he was a terrific man.
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Yes. A quadrilateral has a sum of 360 degrees in its angles. Here's an easy way to remember:

A triangle has 180 degrees as a sum of its angles. Add 180 for each added angle.
Quadrilaterals have 360 degrees
Pentagons have 540 degrees
Hexagons have 620 degrees

And so forth. Hope this helps!
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1) eliminate parentheses - you have none 2) combine like terms - the x's 3) eliminate constant - +,- 4) eliminate coefficient - *, / 8x-2-5x=8 it says subtract 5x from 8x. You're left with 3x 3x-2=8 add 2 to 8 since it's -2 3x=10 X=3.333333333 ..... Or 3 1/3 :)
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Cardio. Do about an hour of moderate cardio a day. Jogging, swimming, dancing, biking, walking, etc. Anything that gets you moving. The best cardio workout is jogging/running. Afterwards do 20 pushups and 50 crunches. This helps build muscle while getting rid of fat. I've been in track for two years and this is definitely the … Read more