What Features Would You Like You Like To See On Blurtit?

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Phil Kerswell answered
It's very hot where I live and maybe a country address would be good in the reply to the question.
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Anonymous commented
Very very good idea because sometime we face different traditions and culture which make the answers sometime useless.
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There should be spellcheck on the answer portion - after all even the most knowledgeable can make spelling mistakes.
Mia Teeliumtrozzle Profile
I would really like to see a chatroom where the blurters could talk to each other - I certainly do not want it to replace the stuff we already have, but it could be used in conjunction with it.That way, there would be no chance of questions being overlooked, and it would also be really fun!
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Saddaf K answered
Blurtit is a wonderful place. I love this website and am already hooked on. Honestly, it got me addicted within a day! But it can be improved. Here are some suggestions:

1. User profiles should be a little more detailed. For example, they should include Country of residence, interests, hobbies etc and should be viewable by other users.
2. Users should be able to contact each other through private messaging.
3. Users should be able to leave each other comments on the profile page.
4. Users should be allowed to maintain a friends' list.
5. Users should be allowed to block private messages and comments from certain users.
6. Questions should not be displayed on the site unless and until they are approved.
7. Answers should not be displayed till they are approved either.
8. There should be an option to be notified on any new answer to a question posted by a user, or for a new private message or comment.
9. Names of Top blurter ever (not just weekly top blurter) should be displayed.

I hope some of these suggestions should be incorporated.
M.Asim khan Profile
M.Asim khan answered
Blurtit is going very good till now, but i would suggest some changes if practised will yield better results.

1. There should be a proper criteria for putting a question. As a question appears on the list and someone answer's it and after logging in next time he/she see that answer get disapproved because of question removed. So this gives pain and tension also the points are deducted. So questions should be approved 1st and then it should appear on the Questions list.

2. As we log on to the blurtit we see number of users appearing online and when we click on their name it takes us to their progress page. Blurtit should display the information to contact that user if some one likes his/her comments. Contact among users through chat room and through personal messages will add an advantage and will let the writer know how good he/she is going.

3. It should be the policy that if your question is answered and no matter what you liked it or not, do rate it before logging out. Both the parties who asks questions and who give answers questions should rate the question and answer.

4. Country wise activity area should be specified where people from same country can meet and share their ideas with each other.

I hope i will see a positive change in new outlook of blurtit.
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No name answered
I love Blurtit toooo much, it's not only the first but also the only website I visit everyday... .I like it as it is, and I think I don't have new ideas now but there is something I wish I could see in Blurtit. That asking the same question in different categories - like beauty & health with food & drink - could be possible. I hope these suggestions will be useful for other Blurters.
Asif Unar Profile
Asif Unar answered
Blurtit's overall progress is conspicuous. The most important feature that I would like the moderator to provide on the site is, If someone has already answered a question, that question should be removed from the unanswered questions database. There must be an automatic update feature working behind the progress of the members. If someone has selected a question to answer, that question must automatically be removed from the unanswered page. The moderator should encourage all the active members on their overall performance. Special bonus points should be given to the active members on their performance. There must be a data base having all the necessary information of all the members having their contact numbers, emails, date of birth and postal addresses and the company should send special gift on every member's birthday.
As far as chat room for members is concerned, this feature must not be provided as we all know what will be the result. The members will be chatting with each other instead of doing their job.
nida feria Profile
nida feria answered
I don't know much about blurtit because I'm new in this website. But I suggest the best features you can put in this website are some topics about family.On how to cope with married life and make it successful without breaking the family and on how to discipline children in this year of millenium.
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Mark Westbrook
Mark Westbrook commented
There is already in family and relationships
Anonymous commented
I agree it is a major problem today and you really should get some professional help or talk to your Doc or a friend you can trust! to maybe get their feedback, just be firm and cautious always!
Haneen Malhas Profile
Haneen Malhas answered
I'm a new member of this wonderful website. Actually I was interested in every thing on this web site, and I will really appreciate it if you put in some research and white papers for different types of industries, specially in project management. This is because i am a fresh graduate and I got a new job (as a customer care project coordinator) and I am searching for any information that can help me to impress my new bosses :)
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Anonymous answered
I just found this site recently and love it! I'd like the layout and site is very well organized. Very easy to navigate. One addition I'd like to suggest is a way to privately send (within Blurtit program) messages to people for purpose of expanding on answers or giving updates to situations. (i.e. someone gave good advice on buying a car part and I will follow their lead and would like to tell them without publicly posting)
Shafi Ul Azam Khan Profile
According to me there should be chatting facility from which i can get more information. Very soon blurtit people should hire some professionals for every category eg, there should be a profesional for computer & internet, business & finance, career & education etc, there should be a faculty who will be available for giving the answers online.
Michael Lai Profile
Michael Lai answered
I would like to see the best answers to questions posted on a section of the site, so that people can see who writes the best answers, and also we can learn something new and meaningful.
cooper shannon Profile
cooper shannon answered
I would like some idea of how my scores are being rated overall, If this program already exists, please some one let me know. Thanks
Samavia Khan Profile
Samavia Khan answered
I think that the blurtit team should decide to send students and also adults to Canada and America and to other countries with a large discount so that the people could become something in their lives. This is my dream and something I would like to see on blurtit because answering the questions is not all that we want in life. People also wish to go outside their homes and countries.That's all. I think this is the best opinion.
Pamela Krueger Profile
Pamela Krueger answered
If this already exists, let me know. How would I find a fellow blurter? I saw his avatar a couple of days ago; he's a baby blurter, but now I'm not finding him anywhere? Is there a place where all blurters can be found???
debolina das purkayastha Profile
I love Blurtit so much though I don't know much about this as I am new in this. In my opinion, there must be a chat room which is totally different from others. And there should be some rewards for the people who were giving correct answers. I can also suggest that you set a topic on how to cope with married life and get successful without hurting your family members. Well, that's all I can suggest to you.
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Anonymous answered
I would like some kind of instant messaging system where members can interact more quickly and effectively. Sorry to say this, but the shoutboxes just aren't cutting it. We need an upgrade on that front, in my opinion. It would make more people want to join. I know a half dozen that would if there was more advanced communication on here...
Stephen Hurley Profile
Stephen Hurley answered
I'd like to see some kind of reward for the points I accumulate. Please. Possibly cash prize or some prizes in general. Maybe Playstation 3?
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awawa tokyo
awawa tokyo commented
Personally i don't like monetized things because money could make people greedy and ugly. I think Blurtit is a place for sharing knowledge and fun.
Michael Lai Profile
Michael Lai answered
It would be good to see how many of each individuals are in the different categories (i.e. how many Baby, Fresh, Recognized, etc Blurters are out there).
vishvesh upadhyaya Profile
I wud also like to see some rewards for the most correct answer. You know it will encourage us to visit the site more often and in a much more serious way, even if the reward would be a few dollars or pence.
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Caroleanne commented
I think blurtit is great has it is right now and if the're would be money involved it would corrupt everything.

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