How did you first discover Blurtit? What was your first day on Blurtit like?


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My first day was back when I was still in middle school (so about six years ago give or take). I was in the kid section of the public library and I'm not sure why I was doing this but I was Googling questions. It could've been for a project or homework or maybe I was just bored. Whatever it was, I stumbled across this website and it was back when it looked retro. It was also a lot more crowded and questions just kept coming in (right now it's rather slow than how it was before). I answered mostly math and science questions at the time as an anonymous user and soon evolved into answering relationship questions. I enjoyed answering questions so I decided to make an actual account and called myself Myuu. Even though I was in middle school, a lot of people seemed to appreciate my answers, even in the relationship category (at the time I had no experience in relationships whatsoever so that was interesting), and I felt good for being able to help others which is why I continued to answer questions.

When I started high school, I was actually fed up with Blurtit because there were some nasty people who I talked to and they hurt my feelings. I knew that I had to get myself away from all that hate so I just stopped going to Blurtit. But then summer of my junior year in high school, I was going through this rather rocky relationship where I liked this guy but he only liked me as a friend yet kept leading me on because he wasn't sure what he was doing. I was upset after that so I decided that I wanted to help people with their relationship problems so they didn't have to go through something like that (although the following year I went through an even worse relationship so I guess I didn't learn from my experience haha!). So yeah, I revisited Blurtit and got back into it and here I am today!

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Yo Kass
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Great answer, it must be crazy how much the site has changed since you've been using it. Glad you came back despite some negative experiences
Medic Sixonefour
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I think you will find that with a percentage of any population of any website. I found that to be true of the site I came from.
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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

I was on a three hour time-out on another lame site and started looking for something better. I looked at a few and someone told me to look at this site. Much better site and much nicer people. Been here a while now and help out as an Administrator and I really like it. People from all over the world and different age groups. Some good questions and none of the bickering that I see elsewhere. No cliques, no games, just good honest fun. Took a little getting used to the first couple of days but now I've got it down and really enjoy my time here and have met some great people!

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It was quite recently - probably around November - and I was originally going to join Yahoo! Answers, but you need to create a Yahoo! Email address for that, and I already have an email address. I think I googled for website like Yahoo! Answers, and Blurtit came up, so here I am :)

My first day on Blurtit was pretty uneventful. I asked a question, but I don't think I got a response (although I've sorted it out now) and I answered a few simple algebra and maths questions.

I'm glad I found it, though, because it seems better than Yahoo! Answers. There are far fewer stupid questions - the questions on here are usually intelligent and well thought out - the people are much friendlier and I haven't come across any 'trolls' yet :)

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It was in art class, my friend showed me this website. It seemed really cool, so I just kept coming back. My first day on blurtit was quite interesting, actually.  So my first friends on here are @loverboy, and @skylermccoy. I think this website, is one of the best websites ever. I'm on like every day. :D

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Discovered it through googling for questions. And i love how clean(design-wise) the site looks and the answers are really well as well! Today is my first day actually! Nice to meet all of you. Still learning my way here.

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It was back in 2010. I was having trouble in school academically and I had a trouble with some questions i had in my Science assessment so I was searching through Google till i stumbled upon this website. I went on it and I was taken away. The community was great, they were friendly helpful and nice and there was none of the bitching around prevalent in other websites like, yahoo answers and others. There are other websites where the admin are pretty ban happy for no apparent reason, but I didn't experienced any of that in here.

I did lost a bit of the spark during like 2013-2014 as the website change and most of the original members have left, so it was pretty dull. Also, I had a lot of school work to do so the passion inside me fade away and I had a long hiatus.

Recently, something triggered in me that I havent been using this website for a long time so I went back to it. Glad to see my account is still here and I could relieve the past memories. Hopefully it will be fun as it was in the past,

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It was confusing, and a little sad (cuz of what happened to sodahead). Boring since there was barely any activity but things have picked up lots since and people came to this site. I'm really enjoying it now and have had good laughs over the past month.

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