Do You Know Why We Are Asking Silly Questions?

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I now realize why there are so many short silly question.
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I believe July 22 is International Ask Silly Questions Day.  No
wait, that can't be right because I recall seeing some silly questions
before today.

I usually don't wonder why the silly questions are there, I'm just
grateful that they are.  I will be interested to see the
reason(s), though.
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I think we ask and answer silly questions, to get to know all of our friends just a little better, where else can you go when you are bored, frustrated, hurting, lonely, and find good friends to answer your silly questions, and brighten your mood and make you forget all of your problems, if only for a little while.....
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To have fun,
To gain easy 10 points,
To have an easy WOW rating,
To have easy time in those tough moments,
To let us smile when we are frustrated or depressed.
I hope I am not missing any condition.
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I think we ask and answer silly questions because we are fun to be with people who don't take life to serious and want to get to know each other and have fun. Now that must have been the longest runon sentence ever. Peace
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I know! I know!
It's because some of us blurters love to ask them and others love to answer them. Right?
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Well I would have to agree with ms.hello up there. Don't we want to ask silly questions to get silly answers!
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You sound to me like a mom of the year candidate with a computer at your fingertips. Though they have been ponderous lol remember that song (did i just date myself?). Sorry, anyway, sounds like you sure are a gr8 mom tiggersmom ! Bet you'd b a gr8 teacher for young children. Ever consider it ? O and thanks for the positive commentaries.
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Yes, I thought perhaps this was some kind of contest?  Last week it made me be star of the day!  Thanks girl!
thanked the writer.
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So, you think you can take my title? LMAO ROFF!!! ♥♥♥
Pamela Krueger
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No Miss Uber Uber Uber blurter at over 51,000 points! I'm just trying to get to the 15,000 to become a beginning Uber. ♥
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Silly has no definition. What people think of questions as not silly, other Blurters might have different opinion, so Silly question has no definite meaning.

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