If You Had Time Machine, Would You Go To The Past Or To The Future?


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I would go to the Past. I had always wished that I was born earlier rather
than in this century... If ever I had the chance to go to the past, I will definitely take it!

The reasons are below:

- The world is always busy in their own work; no more love!

- Soon everything will be robot type. All you need to do will be just to click a button and
what ever you wish for will be served; it's like laziness! No hard work.

- Past was full of surprises. Many things were to be discovered. In this century, it's like
nothing is left to be discovered.

- Past was full of Love!
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After much thought, I would visit the future and see first hand the condition the world is in(whether it be prosperous or in bedlam). I wish to know If things turned out for the better. There is a chance that I could be dissapointed. However, one could see it difficult to turn down such a opportunity to see what the future holds.
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What a yummy question!

Where to start and where to end...

6)I would go back to the past when I was 18 and make sure Vn Disel and I crossed paths if you know what I mean.

5)I would have listened to my parents and saved every dime from the time  started working and then Vin Disel would be chasing me.

4)Go back and see my fathers childhood for a week.

3)Go back to the day my grandmother died and held her hand through till the last time she blinked.

2)Go back to when my daughter was 9mths old and redo that whole mth it was the best time for us she was doing so much funny stuff.

1)Go back a month before Jesus laid his life on the line for us and share an intimate conversation about god and all that he had done at that time. And I would definitely have tuck around until after he was resurrected.

This was a very juicy question I like a lot.

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I would go to the past and I would rectify the mistakes/blunders I had done in the past.
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close eyes open them
One minute!
i cant understand how will you fix the mistake maded in past,

You can't tell the mistake makers that you are from future and it is not necessary that they listen us!!
Anonymous commented
Its not maded..........made is already in past tense.....!correct it!
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I think i would go to the future to see what it is going to be like because no matter how you try you cant change your past.
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I would go to the future.  I already spend too much time dwelling in and on the past.  I would want to see what lies ahead, and so perhaps to be able to affect it positively upon my return to the present.
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I would go to the future to see what life brings for us and to see if most predictions are right
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I wouldn't like to go to the past or the future. I want to live in the moment. This moment will never come again. Even though their have been times I could hardly wait for an event to happen in the future and basically wished my life away to that moment. I want to stop and smell the roses. Appreciate what is here and now. Sometimes when I'm sick I don't remember this. Every day is a gift from God. Peace
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mai Vang
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why do everything you say always touch my heart?lolz.... but what you say is true.
Cary commented
I like that. That is so true. I should appreciate the here and now and look for the good in everyday, even when it seems there is none.
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Don't know if I would want to do either. I can't change the past and do I really want to know what my future holds??? It might not be something I want to know. So with that being said I'm going with option 3 and staying in the present!!!
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I would surely Go to the future!!!

its really interesting to go there, as we know just not a bit what will happen it,

visiting past will sound a bit boring because we people know that what has happened in the past (just simply think "Do you like to watch a movie, whose story is very known to you?") I don't mean that visiting past is useless, as it may help us to know our surroundings, but personally I think visiting future is a better idea!!

visiting future will be more adventures, and in future, I'd like to visit when we get connected to aliens, we can change ourselves(by cloning, and by modifying our chromosomes, DNA and all materials round the cell, we can fly, live 200 years, and there are many things possible by it!!) AND you I would surely like to be teleported

and at last!!
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josh deng
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I'd go to the future too. thanks for sharing
It's Private Huh
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Well anything is possible. As you say in the future, we can live 200 hundred years which is as unbelievable as a time machine. then there sure will be a time machine created in the future! just hope for the best! =)
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Hi There Smarty7!
Lets begin with a little bit of humour!
I am definately answering your question in the future from a machine made in the past. (hmm! 5 years back!). Well, both are good so far....
Anyway, coming to the question... I would love to go back to the past as I have lost a lot of near and dear ones that I till date pray were with me as they really were a strong support system.
Its only when they go you realise how much you miss them and need them even more.
To be specific, my dad. I lost him 2years back and even now the memories feel fresh.
It would be really great to have him back and of course I could get a chance to say sorry for many things that time didn't give me when he was around.
Cheers Mate!
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Ok... So.... Can we make only ONE stop or can we we stop at different times.. First..Id like to go to the past, I know I couldn't change when my mom and dad passed away but I could at least say goodbye to them.. That would be my first stop... Then I would have left things for the next few years but I would have filed for divorce 9 years earlier than I did... Would have been much better if I had. I have 4 pets that died because of circumstances that I could have changed... Id change those.... I would make a few minor changes, and correct a few mistakes here and there... But nothing that would have changed the future completely. THEN I would want to go ahead at least 5 years to see what my future holds for me... If I don't like it then I can make the changes NOW to assure a successful future for myself and my kids.
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Well, this question sounds very interesting. If I had a time machine, I'd like to go to future. I want to know what I will turn to be, a billionaire, a millionaire so I can do anything I like and spend money like throwing papers? Or a beggar who is always looking for food in the street (I can feel the cold wind now) LOL!
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Don't really think I would want to go to the past because even though I would love to change some things, I wouldn't because there could possibly be more severe consequences in the long run if I were to change things.  I just wouldn't want to know what the future held because it might hinder things that I have/do in the here and now.  All in all I'm happy with the present and all of my gifts from God.
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It's Private Huh
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sorry.. wrong click.. i meant to rate as 5stars but accidentally clicked 4stars.. sorry =) and i liked your answer! i see very few people who want to stay in the present.
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Most definitely the past but only with knowing what I know now both good & bad.
I would do my best to avoid making poor choices and appreciate/praise those around who are only trying to show they care.
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I would say the future as we can see what events are going and see how we are living surviving in the future and make arrangements to make it better or avoid getting to the spot we are in then.
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I would go to the past and see what it was like for real!!!  I LOVE HISTORY!!!  Maybe I would go to Romania in the 1800's!!!
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OOPS!!  I'm sorry guys, I got rather wordy and got cut off for length, so here's part two.
***I had to put part one of my answer in 'COMMENTS' so you'll find it below. Thanks for your patience and understanding!  Jo
     Modern medicine – MRI, CAT and PET scan machines and procedures, laparoscopic procedures, outpatient surgeries, open heart surgeries, transplants and many of the other medical "miracles" we have today?
     Hey now, don't forget those so well-loved and never forgotten HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANIES!! 
Honestly, I'd really love to be able to forget all of our modern "conveniences", if just for a while. 
I think you know what I mean – those conveniences that seem to have stolen our days away from us, leaving us with an absolute minimum of available time on any given day (which I know has contributed to the downturn of our children's behaviors, our intolerance of everything and our violent outbursts), and our ability to appreciate anything good.  
These conveniences have also helped us to increase our personal debt to God knows where, increase our ozone, the problems with greenhouse gases and pollution.  
Oh my heavens to Betsy, what have we managed to do???
What have managed to do to world with which we were entrusted, to ourselves, our children and our families?
Personally, I think we have corrupted everything we were entrusted with, damaged everything we touched. 
I think it's a terrible shame that we were unable to care for anything we were given, received as a gift, a PRESENT.  That doesn't really say very much about us as a people, now does it?
This is just too much for me!!!!!  Horse and buggy days watch out!!!  Here I would come!
Have a WONDERFUL day, and thanks for allowing me to share my thoughts and opinions … again. 
And I really thought I was going to be shallow today.  Heavy sighll!
Love you all!!
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Jo W.
Jo W. commented
Hi Robbie! I just knew I'd get you out from your air conditioning if I was long-winded! LOL If you can't kid with friends, then who can you kid with?
Jo W.
Jo W. commented
Thanks very much for your thoughts, Yergamon.

Have a WONDERFUL evening!
It's Private Huh
It's Private Huh commented
wow Jo, i really loved your answer.. you really reminded us for what we should have appreciated long ago. =)
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Shefali Singhal answered
I would go in different time periods(but in past):-
1)First in the dinosaurs world with a camera to take lots of pictures of dinos with me to rock the world after returning.
2)Then I'll go to the ancient period where there is a lot of stress on inventions(which are already in our current world) and then make myself popular in that ancient people by telling them about that inventions.
3)I'll go to medieval period where I'll tell the rulers that they are about to win or lose so that to win their sympathy and they'll definitely price me with lots of gold or money.
4)Then I'll go back to the beautiful moments of my life like some of my school trips and the time of my victories,,,my popularities etc..
5)After that I'll back and undo my biggest mistake(or mistakes) and make my life better in the current time.

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Pamela Krueger answered
Yes, I would go "back to the future" and maybe change history??  If you saw the movie with the same name, you remember how changing history could have disastrous results.  Check out my group called: "Back to the Future" on blurtit.  I started this group last September and it fizzled within a couple of months.  Maybe we can "resurrect" it again? 
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Katey Hurtman answered
I would go to the future, to see whether it's worth living til then. Whatever they have in store for us can't be any better than what we're living in now... But I think if I think about it long enough, I wouldn't want to go anywhere. If I found out my future before it happened, there would be no surprises, no finding out. I seriously think it would ruin my life. But if I MUST go somewhere, it would be to the future.
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Id go back so then for competitions you can know what the person is going to do next.also I would try to help climate change.

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Jo W.
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Would you mind please to elaborate on the first half of your answer? Thanks.
Jennifer commented
well I'm a swimmer and when i do competitions i normally (if I'm doing long distances )don't know how much energy that i need to put in to the certain lap number.If i could go back in time then i would know.Also if you play soccer then you will know what way the other person will go.eg:left or right.Sorry I'm really bad at explaining things
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emma danish answered
I'm the same I have no wish to do either I live for today too things in the past I have come through have reminded me that live for today
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I would most definitely go to the past, as I miss my mother terribly, and I would love to have her in my life again. She was a wonderful person, loving and caring for sure.
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Tina answered
I would probably go forward to make sure my family was doing okay, so that I wouldn't have to spend so many sleepless nights worrying about everyone. BUT, if I could bring back the knowledge gained would I be able to change anything? Or would anything changed now, alter what the future is to become?
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I would like to go to the future!! It will be fun. I will love to try out the new inventions of the future! Going back to the past won't be bad, either. The living conditions and hygiene back then weren't very good. So, I just don't want to end up in the middle of a battlefield!!
Rev. Dr. Charles Rogers Profile
I tried to read all of the great answers, but finally moved to the bottom to give my answer... So here you go -
First, let me say that this is a very complex question with pros and cons for both options, but I believe I would opt to go back in the past. I would go back to see loved ones, long since departed, to tell them I love them; I would go back to right any wrongs I have done; I would go back armed with information to share the issues that plague us today, such as dependency on oil, global warming, flooding, and terrorism, to share with the people and leaders of that time in an effort to convince them to carefully consider the actions and decisions they made to circumvent the unnecessary deaths brought about by wars and terrorist, and the crippling effect that oil dependency has wrought; and I would take all of the medical advances that has benefited mankind, as well as the blunders such as AIDs.
I would warn Christians that their complacency leaves the door wide open for discrimination against their faith and beliefs. I would tell them that as they sit passively by, prayer would be outlawed in schools, and any symbol reflective of their faith and the faith of our founding fathers would be illegal to display on any government property.
I would go back - go back in an effort to preserve the family unit, warning against rampant taxes and credit that would only serve to enslave both parents to a life filled with working outside the home just to provide for their children; and that in doing so their children, their unattended children, would turn to drugs and gangs in their absence.
Yes, I would go back and I would paint a bleak picture for the future to the people of that era in hopes that they would listen and move in a different direction to bring about change in their day that would change the complexion of the world today.
But, alas, we cannot go back, we can only travel into the future one day at a time. So, instead I continue to pray for each day and God's merciful hand to be on us in the future.
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If there is really I time machine,there are some things have done in the past that I will like to rectify.yoknow there are some mistakes you made that you will like to correct but all the same my bible says all thing are past away so I will like to focus on the future.Everything done yesterday is past and ''was''.in that case the future is much more important.
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I would go into the past...
I would make sure that no body ever found a way to make drugs/alcohol.
I have seen first hand what it can dot to love ones and friends and I hate seeing them destroying their lives. Also I would stop all this glorious way that it seems that women have to fit into a certain category to be beautiful, and that everybody is beautiful in their own way.
Oh and I would love to meet the grimke sisters and virginia hall!!!
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trese answered
After long hard thinking on this question(and by the way good question)! I would have to say I would go to the past. The reason I say this is cause I would be able to see love ones past gone ;and be able to spend more time with them ,and maybe help them to better there health and live a little longer! I would also take better care of myself healthwise so in the future I may live longer as well(besides no one wants to die young)! Just maybe if I do all these things my future will be full of a lot of extra time and happiness with family and loved ones! If this could have happen maybe there would not be so many kids never knowing who there grand parents are and experiencing the love only a grand parent can give!
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Gwyneth answered
Wow, what a question... Tough one to decide on... After some thinking over it, I'd have to say the past, I'd rather live my life over than miss what is present... And I am a lover of history, so I would definitely make sure to  go way back!
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Calvin Brewster answered
I would love to see the future!! See what are world's going to be like: Cool inventions all around us and robots or if the world will be trashed and we'll have to be in space like the movie WallE.
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I would go into the future just to see what the world had become like.  I don't know how far into the future I'd go--maybe 100 years or so--see how far we had advanced, how much we had discovered--the things that we'd have then but don't have now.  We are at the dawn of the Age of Discovery, so what does that bring technologically?  Will the US still be around in 100 years?   How does the future look back at the time we are currently living?  Will some of the things that are predicted for the future come to pass, or will the future be totally different than anything we think it will be.  Will things be the same in 100 years? (unlikely since 2000 was different from 1900 was different from 1800 was different from 1700 was different from 1600, etc. )
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Robyn Rothman answered
Yes, things were simpler in the past, but they were also harder.  There are things about the past I wish I could forget and would not care to repeat.  Without what was once the future (and is now the present) I wouldn't be alive.  I have always been one to look ahead, not dwelling on, but learning from the past.  My curiosity would send me to the future.  I am always fascinated by the possibilities.
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Samantha answered
I would go to the past. There was more love back then, the animals were happier, people were settling in, and did not want to hurt the land, money was not a major issue, greed wasn't as bad, you just tried to be alive, The Little House on the Prairie, a century after then, that would be great, just settling in!!! :) The future would be too mechanical, the past was a caring routine. :)
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mai Vang answered
You know most of us would like to go to the future to see what lies ahead of us but then if I did have that time machine.... I wouldn't know if I'll have the guts to use it. What if like some of us mention, what if we don't want to see what truth holds before us?
 Going back to the past can't change what we've done or fix our mistakes but, I like to go back to learn my mistakes. Sometimes we've done things in life and we don't understand why and how we hurt our love ones....maybe going back to review will make us understand.
Past, present, future... I don't think we human will ever be satisfy with anything. Good topic by the way.
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Omer Butt answered
If I was allowed to remember all about me till date, then I would love to go back in past and correct those mistakes.
But If I wasn't allowed, then would love to go 30-50 years forward(whichever is near to my last year of life) and would love to remain there.
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Anonymous answered
Probobly the past since I'm not aware about what is going on in the future. Some events might be shocking to me since all the bad news will come at once. It is not like I'm not Optimistic about the future but it will be to painful to me that I won't be able to enjoy my achievements.
In the other hand I would like to go to the past. Not mine but my parents.
I would like to see how my parents grow up and their childhood were. I would like to see how my parents faced the same Issues I faced at different ages.
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allan brumby answered
First convert some of my savings into gold or something that has value in any age. Then I would go far enough back in the past to deposit my wealth at a compound interest. Next I would move to the future and live my dreams.
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Kool answered
If I go back to the past, I might regret on some things, and if  I go to the future, I might not be surprised anymore when the time comes. So I guess I'll stick to the present and just forget the past and wait for the future. :)
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amanda eddy answered
Well id like to go to the future, So that I can be ready to face any future challenges, and not do any mistakes.(So far I have done many things which I don't like and would love to change them but I guess I cannot!)
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ashok kumar answered
I would surely go to the past, because we however go to the future in the life.... So if we go to the past, we can enjoy and share the sorrows that happened in the past time...
Lilianita herron Profile
I would probably visit the past a couple of times spending time again with a great lover I had but will only visit the future tomorrow or the day after just to see what the number are the winning numbers for the lotto and quit working today!
BEN GREGO answered
A great question...but first, you have to realize that if you could go back,yowould not be able to change anything!! That's rule number one,at least as far as what the science fiction writers tell us!! So forget changing situations,etc...not possible.
I'd make a pig of myself and go back to many different historical periods...England in the Elizabethan age, maybe getting to see Shakesepeare walking down the street, on his way to the Globe theater..
* The 1920's, to see all the great clothes, and to see Broadway (NYC) and the theater district, also the old record stores...
* Ditto for the 1930's and
*The 1940'a...to walk around Broadway and see all the different shops, restaurants, movie theaters, stores, from each era....
* And  to spend a little time during the American Revolution...just to see the people, maybe catch a glimpse of Hamilton, Jefferson, even Benedict Arnold!!
* to be at the New York port when Greta Garbo first arrived in the USA; July, 1925!!!!! To see her disembark and look forward to what she had in store for her wonderful career...
* To be around during Marilyn Monroe's last few days alive, at her new home in Brentwood...
ah, the list could go on and on...!!
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Geoff Pursel answered
I would go to the past and make sure that John Lennon never met Yoko Ono. The Beatles wouldn't have broken up, and their messages of peace and love would have stopped terrorism.Honestly. The biggest influence on society world-wide in the sixties were the Beatles. Imagine what the world would be like if they were still rocking today.Mostly, this idea came to me in a dream, long before I read the question. And having given it much thought, I agree with it. It would have a better chance than shooting people all the time.
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moodie madd answered
I would like to go to the future to see what I and my friends are like. Then if I am some horrible person, I could go back to the present and try to prevent it!
Charming Gurl Profile
Charming Gurl answered
that's a pretty hard question!
But I would chose the past so that I can correct all my mistakes and wrong choices! It would be better than seeing what you are in the future!
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Maxine Chan answered
If I had a time machine, I would go to the Woodstock days of the Hippie movement so I can try some weed and have the long hair and dress like a hippie like I always wanted to do. I would love to say "far out" and I would enjoy going to the future to see if flying cars will exist.
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The future.....
Because I'm still alive and would want to know how I'm living in the fure.....rather than knowing how I did not get to live in the past......

And about correcting the past mistakes....mistakes are to be learned from and not repeated...I would not want to correct my mistakes, for then I would not appericiate the people who have been there for me in advicing me through......
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Anonymous answered
  Hi, your question is very interesting. Well, I don't really know if I want to go to the past or to the future because of some reasons.
  If I go to the past, perhaps I can change something, correct some mistakes, but then I can't learn anything as I grow up, people learn from their mistakes, from that they become a better person, and they don't make the same mistakes again. If everything is perfect, I will always be a kid who never grows up. One more thing, if I change the past, my life will go in a different direction, I may not meet my best friends now, I may not have a wonderful love... 
  If I go to the future, I can see how my life will be. What if I see my future as a poor girl, no job, no love, no friends, no family, no money, I will feel disappointed and want to kill myself immediately because I already know my miserable future, why would I want to live, why would I stay up late to finish my homework?? What if I see my future as a billionaire, lots of money, big house... I will have no goal to accomplish, no objective to achieve, I will be a lazy person.
  In conclusion, I would rather stay right where I am now, we are human because we are not perfect.
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Anonymous answered
I will go back to the past to stop one of my favorite singer, actress and dancer the later Aaliyah  Dana Haughton (January 16, 1979 – August 25, 2001) I would of told her not to get on that Plane. She was only 22 years old that's why it is so sad. The way she died "According to findings from an inquest, conducted by the coroner's office in The Bahamas, Aaliyah suffered from "severe burns and a blow to the head", in addition to severe shock and a weak heart.[The coroner theorized that, even if Aaliyah had survived the crash, her recovery would have been virtually impossible given the severity of her injuries." I wish she was still alive she made good music she was class and not trash not like the singers out today.  She was so sweet,but street that's why I would go back to the past.
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Honestly, I would give my time machine to someone else.

I don't want to know what happens in the future. I want to live today and worry about tomorrow when it comes. When I fist saw this question I thought it would be really cool to visit the past but then I realized I could know things I would be better off not knowing. Whether I traveled to earlier this afternoon and saw my boyfriend kissing another girl or 200 years ago to hear washington discuss battle plans that aren't what you could call admirable. Sometimes, as the old saying goes, ignorance is bliss.
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I want to go on my past because I don't want to go on my future
because future is make by us through our self but the moment was passed in past we know
very well and I want go furthure on my past because I love so much my past I miss my school life so much and my friends we spend the great moment on that time so I want.
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Kk polly answered

If the future is filled with flying cars and smiling faces, I'm there. The past has too many faults. I feel a lot more protected and safe from being made into a human candlestick because of my religion.

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I can prefer to go in the past to see at the time when jesus was here in our planet,what he did in that time and see their miracles!
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Anonymous answered
I'd go back in my past. You know that adage "if I knew then what I know now" I'd like to be able to go back but with the knowledge I have now.
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Anonymous answered
Neither because god has every thing planned and to go into the past and change mistakes takes that you have made would be meant everything up I kno that I made stupid mistakes that could of been prevented but if there were no mistakes then it wouldnt make the past the past anymore don't live in tha past live in tha moment live every moment like your last and never forget forgive god knows every thing and if you ask him one ? Then he we forgive you never regret life's to short to hold meant against yourself or sum one else and tha future is meant to be a surprise so if you have one chance to live don't mess it up leave it tha way it is god will keep you safe and we always listen so if you ever have a chance take my advice don't go

  livin tha moment never regretin!
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Anonymous answered
This is a pretty interesting question.. Hmm, I am not still so sure that if I go either past or future, will I see the another guy of I am. If so, he will be shocked for sure, if I tell him "hey buddy, I am you".. One more thing, I think I probably can't go beyond either + or - 100 years as I may no longer exist..
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Anonymous answered
You don't need a time machine to go to the future, it's always coming, and the past is the past, it's done. I would Much rather stay in the present, but if I had to choose I would go way back when things were cleaner, money wasn't a problem, ect. Though it would be cool to see how we were hanging around in the food chain after 1000 or so years.
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Well, I would have to say I would go to the future. I will be honest and not use some fluff explanation about how I want to see what the future holds for my country, friends, loved ones, or whatever. I would get all the info I could on top investments, sporting events to bet on, and the Mega Millions and other lotteries' numbers for the next 5 years. May not be "moral" to some, but some of it would go to good causes, not just myself.
Surabathula Ramanand Profile
I would like to go to the past because the past life was enjoyed by every one with all natural facilities.And I can able to solve my so many doubts that many things created by many Scientists and  I am able to know that many rules created for the sake of people. Any how the past life is so great for the future people. It has to utilize through this Time machine.
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I would go to the past. I would like to go to that moment when I was separated from my first and only love. Then I would ask her to see my present status being there in past. Because her father did not allow her to marry me as I was not fully established that time. I wish this come true.!!!!
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Scientifically speaking, a time machine can travel only in one direction-the future.....theoretically it is possible to go on a time travel tour into the future and practically we do not have the technology for time travel till date...time travel to the past is not acceptable as it does not sound good logically....
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I would like to go to the past before I was born and be fore my mom was born because my mom has back problems and she can't move and I would go in to the past and fix that and then go back to when my boyfriend was born and see how his life was along with his sister who didnt live with him then and make our paths cross earlier and make his parents like me haha nice question
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I would go to the future. Although in the past there were simpler times there was also slavery, the holocaust, apartheid, etc...In the future armageddon has passed, Jesus has already come to establish his kingdom and I will be with my father in heaven. In the end it is God who decides if there will be a past, present or future for any of us.
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If I had a time machine I would go back in time and start my life all over again and become famous like Cheryl and meet her marrie her and become her husband it would be a dream come true for me. Am so found of her a can't stop talking about her I just can't sleep well at night I never keep my eyes of her. I would also go back to the past and see all my members of my family who have died over the years. Christopher McMillan.
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Its quite simple to answer.. I'll go to the past. Till date no one knows the correct information abt our origin in this planet. NO one else have the infos abt builders of Pyramids, No infos abt the world wonders, an many more...... So ,  I believe  you will also do d same.
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I woudl go back about four years ago, when I started Junior School. Reasons being:-
*My first year went too fast!
*I want the class groups to be different because I didn't have any friends for two years!
*I took my teacher last year for granted and she was the only one who appreciated my work!
*It's nearly time for 'big school' and I don't want to leave my school!
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NO WAY!! I'd definitely go to the past. The future will come, but the PAST will never happen again. You'll get to the future eventually, so why spoil it?! I also think it'd be SO interesting to see the past...and having always been interested in history, I think it would be the BEST to see the past. It might also help solve some problems about the present if we knew more about the past.
Hope I convinced sumbody! :D
the past ROCKED, but the present is even ROCKER!
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I would go to the past I mean if you knew your future you might change it so it would not be accurate so it would change and then you still no futher in getting answers so I would to the past I mean you can't change it but you could unlock unanswered questions an example  why was stone hedge built you could see the 7 wonders of the ancient world before they were destoryed your could see what people thought and did not to mention  how many interesting people you could meet.
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I would go to the past and then to the future IF they ever invent a time machine but I learned that if you try to go into different time periods you would have to go super fast but they gravitional pull or whatever g force I'm guessing if sooo intence that it turns your insides inside out haha wow I got to try that!!
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I would do both. There are answers to a few things that i would like to have. Some historically significant. Some personally significant. Would there be any interaction allowed?

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Sounds mysterious! You inspired me to ask a new question: http://society-politics.blurtit.com/3931722/if-you-could-go-back-in-time-and-ask-a-historical-person-one-question-who-would-you-visit
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This is easy (4 me), but of course, I'd go to da future 'cause then, I cna check if I became famous or not!!! And my career...
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So nice  question  with  me  have time  machine  I  will  look  my  future  I  now  my  past  an  I  want  to  now  about  my  future
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I would go to the past and live in a secure era of peace and prosperity, raise a family, and have many friends.
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I would want to go to my future so I could know what I would look like also so I could know what problems I will have to face  in my life
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I would go back in time because: I can change my whole life and make the world different I would live in Elizabeth's days. Make the world not boring I'd make it exciting.
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I would go to the past,since I have always felt that I spent a previous lifetime there. I would travel to the Middle Ages to a castle on the Irish coast and meet my ancestors.
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To the past, so that I could hug my Mom, Dad and big brother, tell them how much I have missed them and show them pictures of my 4 kids.  They look so much like them.

GOD, I wish I could do that.
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I would go to the past because the world in the future will be a wasteland at our rate of greenhouse gases, and I would go to the past to clean up the mistakes I have made
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I would go back to the past just to stop myself from going to the past and go to the future. Face it the paradox is confusing
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I will certainly go to the past because I a think I will be familiar with to past to correct things I missed and faulted.the future might be too complicated to handle
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Into the future , the past is past, today is today, all of that is gone, done,
But , When your my age, future is better. Wait a minute, oh, that`s gone, oh well!
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Personally, I would go to the Future.
I would want to see how everything looks and what is different and how my family an friends change and everything.
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Knowing what I know now, I would love to relive my life.  On the other hand, I would also like to be around for my son's life.
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According to me I'll go to the past.
As because it bears some remarkable memories of life.
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I would go to the future to see what I would become,whom I would be married to and the number of children I will have so that I will work hard towards it.
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I would go to the past  to save my dad and make him alive then go to the future to see if it changed
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I would go to the past and change mistakes and regrets that I have. Not change anything to drastic though it could change the outcome of the present and the future to be not so good. Ah wouldn't it be fun if there were actually time machines :)
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I would definitely go to the past and meet God! God is the life and the saviour who is always there when you need him. When your on God's side, your on the winning side!
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Why go for the past? I mean bygone is a bygone I'll simply go for the future. I'm stil too young for the past at 28 men.
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I'd go back in the past and make a few tweeks. Nothing major, more like things that would have impacted my health had I started earlier, things like that.
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Most defnetly would go 2 the past to re have the most memorable events with my loved ones that passed on
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IF I had a time machine I would prolly go to the future to see who I am married to or if I'm still alive or things like that
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No,I don't want to go or know about my future, I afraid .
Suddenly comeing  is the most pleasent way to spent our life.
And thinking our past is the most funniest and happy way of our life.
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I would go to the future and see what will happen to me. How I die and all that. I wouldnt want to go to the past becasue whats happened, already happened. Apart from the dumb things I said in front of people I shoud not have:p
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I would go to fute and whether eveything is all right ...b'cause if not I can change it in the present
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Let me say if I had time machine I would go to the future and know what it holds for me. Because some times I feel like knowing everything that will happen to me future,if possible the day I will die...

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