Can Only Moderators Click 'Report' And Have Someone's Question, Answer Or Comment Removed, Or Can Anyone Do It?


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G'day Coldplace,

Thank you for your question.

Anyone can.

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I'm not sure, but i believe that if you click report a moderator looks at it and decides if it has to be removed or not.
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You must to have limited moderation powers to be able to do this, if you do not have these powers, you may always use the button provided in the site to contact Blurtit.
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It's really funny how one individual can give you a thumbs down and your question or answer is deleted.  What happened to a speedy trial by jury.  This is like a summary courts-martial. In this country you have the right to face your accuser. I demand to face "Cutiepie." LOL
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Anyone can do it. It is a free and easy website, man.
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I have no report function. So if someone bashes or flames me for example I cannot report them but they can remove my posts if they think they have to.  I answered a question in a jokey sarcastic way, I wasn't serious and they remove the answer. It was a joke . 

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