Can You Share Shouts Here? As In, Send The Same Message To Everyone?


11 Answers

walter jedyk Profile
walter jedyk answered
We can send to each other shouts, but can't send them to others.
dnh 107 Profile
dnh 107 answered
You can't do it because you have to be somebody's "friend" in order to "shout" at them.  This idea of sending the same shout to everyone sounds rather impersonal to me, to be honest.
Ray Bell Profile
Ray Bell answered
I don't know if we as Blurtit members can do that or not.  Isn't there a way to ask someone in administration or management this question ?  I think it's better to get pre-approval before possibly violating a membership rule.
Hello Boss Profile
Hello Boss answered
I don't believe that that feature is available.
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
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Lynne Dwyer Profile
Lynne Dwyer answered
The only way is to share a question with all your friends, and place your "shout" in the message box, then send. This only works if they have notifications set to receive question shares via email from Blurtit.

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