How Annoyed Would You Be If You Were Racing With Someone For The Lead On The BlurtIt Leader Board, And The Person Trying To Answer More Questions Than You DIRECTLY Copies About 20 Of Your Answers?


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We are not allowed to copy answers directly from others or exact wording when we look it up either. Contact the blurtit staff.
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This is a very relevant question, but I hope that it is not directed toward any one user. We all experience this situation from time to time. Some Blurters seem to get a bit carried away in the heat of the moment, trying to gain that first place status and retain it up to the closing bell. Sometimes this seems to mean, to them, that they can "Fudge" or cheat a bit to win. I guess that they don't realize that the rest of us are quite amused with the great effort that they put out to try and stay ahead. Personally, I sometimes play with them a bit by allowing them to "Get ahead" of me for a while, then suddenly passing them up with a bunch of answers to older, unanswered questions, instead of trying to catch all the "New" ones as they are posted. This can be a very informational site and a lot of fun if you do not get too serious in the competition.
Remember this, nobody is being paid to answer questions and being #1 does not get you any trophies. It really "DON'T MEAN NOTHING."  and is not worth fighting about.
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Yes, very may want to give Blurtit a "heads-up" so they can keep an eye open for this person.
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David Mathley answered
I have had that happen many times and it used to annoy me greatly. I do not even try any more due to that type of behavior and the people that rack up tons of answers with "Look it up on google" or similar answers which are not answering the questions but still racking up credit as though they actually answered it. Just one of many reasons why I do not waste my time on Blurtit anymore.
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If this thing has happened with you and your copied answer was not like yes or McDonald etc. Than it's a gross violation of community guidelines. You should report the user with the links where he has done this copy paste thing through Contact Blurtit. Count me with you on this matter.
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It happens some time with me as well but i think what is original is original and if somebody is copying you it means you are the best.
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What's really irritating is trying to answer a question and spending a half hour to find the information only to lose your answer just as you click the tab and find  a page popping up that says site not that's annoying. : )
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I've had that happen and it's a little annoying ...for me though, the idea of someone trying to get credit for knowing what I know they didn't before they read my answer is annoying enough.  But the ones that have really got my goat was when some blurter or other (no names) was copying other blurters' answers that were wrong when the question posed was for info or advice on something critical to their life, well being or something dear to them. It worries me in such instances that the person asking the question will take that for the right answer since now two idiots have said the same thing.

I've seen this happen on more than one occasion. One time a blurter copied (but reworded) a wrong answer telling someone it was okay to give their dog something poisonous. Another time it was concerning someone's health. There were others too, all just as critical. When someone’s answer, if believed, can put another (or something held dear) in harm's way, I draw the line!!!! It just went all through me, so I made some angry comments, calling them on their s**t! ...and I didn't care if these particular blurters did get offended!
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I would not be to ticked off but its very sad someone would try and do this. We do not get money or prizes the only prize is the satisfaction of  knowing you were able to do. If you know you cheated to do then I cannot see how they would get any satisfaction from it.
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I would immediately notify the staff by clicking on the 'contact blurtit' link below and send them the information with a copy and paste of the user ID URL.

That is completely against the rules.
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Omg!!! I would be soooo annoyed!! It would be like my little sister pinching me while im sleeping!!!
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It would be really annoying for me too. But there is nothing anyone can do.  Blurtit is a site on answering peoples questions, giving hem your opinions, not copying other peoples answers!!
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The question is, how did you know he/she was copying you ? Were you looking in his/her contributions?    LOL just joking. XP  . Yeah that must have been really annoying.
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Mike J
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Yeah, I actually was, Lmao.
Your Worst Nightmare Ever
Huh, someone who's against me is actually stalking I'M the annoyed one. But I hope I'm not "misunderstanding" you, as you did to me.
Mike J
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I don't ''misunderstand'' people, I know what I'm doing.
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Hi Hie.I would be really ticked off.Wouldn't it take to long to copy other peoples answers
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The Instigator
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Hi Hie.I would be really ticked off.Wouldn't it take to long to copy other peoples answers. Only kidding Willie.
William Harkin
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Is that a back handed compliment Jackyl
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It Doesn't Matter To Me Just Try Again Next Time... I Wouldn't Care That Much..If They Feel A Need To Cheat They Will Eventually Caught Anyway... Cheaters Never Win And They Will Soon Get Banned
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I do not get into the racing sport that seems to be so popular here on Blurtit.  I have been tops on certain categories here on many occasions, but I have not made a specific effort to do so.  I just figured nobody else was on line much that particular day.  That "title" mean very little to me.  My main function is to answer questions as best I can, learn a few things (which I often do when others are answering questions that I have little knowledge of) and to make a few friends along the way,  all the while blocking out some time that ends the boredom issue.  I try not to offend anyone and think that those that put so much into being number one actually miss out on some friendships by being so competitive.  Cheating is never right - no matter the circumstances or what the "prize" might be.
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Not much, since competitive blurting is a pretty dumb sport. Trust me, I know about these things, and everything else, I'm a top ten Blurter!  :-)
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Yes it is very annoying happens to me in the past already but you will just have to let it past.
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That's horrible. Copying answers is wrong answers and doing that just to stay top, that is selfish and inconsiderate. Why have they gone to this type of stupid ways just to earn points, very disappointing.

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