Why does Blurtit only have advanced formatting for answers and not for questions? Or is this another anomaly on my version?


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Lynne Dwyer answered
A few years ago, there was a form of advanced writting, even spell check available for questions. The advanced option was removed because some were using it to express in certain ways, to get quick notice, before being moderated. Don't know why the spell check went away. There was a time when a question wouldn't pass because of spelling, had to wait for mod approval.
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Ray Dart answered
Hmm, I am going to check. Possible the most interesting ( though sadly not important) question so far. :)
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Tony Newcastle
Tony Newcastle commented
On the contrary, Professor Dart, Sir, I would contend that this is one of the most important questions asked in the last 6 months--if not the most interesting.
..Funny how friends do not always see eye-to-eye, eh? :)
Ray Dart
Ray Dart commented
I would contend that matters of life and death (and tea and cheese) are probably more important than question design, but hey. I'm not exercised by it either way :)
Allabarra Lantern
Behave, you two !
millicent williams Profile
Advanced formatting ? A lot of question writers can barely string two words together!
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Arun Kumar answered

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