Is There A Justin Biber Group On Blurtit?


12 Answers

Annie Devore Profile
Annie Devore answered
I Don't Think So.. But I Know He Has A Website Where You Can Get Tons Of Facts On Him  Like  I Go To Josh To Find Out Tour Dates.. Wallpaper. Stuff To Buy Like Mugs And CDS And Like When He's On TV.
William Harkin Profile
William Harkin answered
If you start one ,you'll get thousands of members
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Yeah, i think so lots of people are in
dylan minnis Profile
dylan minnis answered
God I hope not^_^
Elizabeth Mobley Profile
If u like him coo. If not... HIT HIM HARD!!! THAT ALWAYS SOLVES PROBLEMS!!! Sorry i like causing people pain.=~D
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Yeah, there is and by the way you wrote bieber wrong, it's bieber not biber. Sorry, by saying that though.

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