Is there a point system on Blurtit? I read a post from 2010 stating that there is one. Is that information still valid?


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Ray Dart answered

There was a points system here for many years. It misfired badly when individuals would answer quickly (and badly) to get a "first answer" point.

It was also subject to"favouritism" - there were a bunch of regulars in here (of whom I was one, I admit) who ended up making sure that we all got the points.

One particular individual actually got very abusive (and I can probably find some examples from way back) when she felt she was not getting sufficient recognition.

So, a few years back (like 5) that was all ditched in favour of rating by "thanks" . And then, a year or two later by no actual rating at all by anything (although you can still see your "thanks" in your profile).

Removing the "competitive element" was intended to make the site "nicer", and perhaps it did. It also meant that three quarters (or more) of the contributors got bored and left.

The vibrant, edgy and often bad-tempered, exchanges may have been a bit unpleasant at times, but boy, was it fun! The questions were also trickier, and less anodyne. (Although back then we still got a shedload of Justin Bieber questions - so there was always the dross).

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

No ! Not at this time. There used to be a point type system but it was more trouble than good. I highly doubt it will be back as it only creates cliques of people who will only give points to people they like and not the answers themselves. No competition here and that's great !

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Woof Woofy answered

Apparently there was but I'm a little glad they removed it.. (on sodahead. There was a lot of competition between, me, midnight cowboy,  Sister jean, and a few  others to keep at the top of the daily and weekly leaderboards.). im very glad that this site is relaxed with no competition. (I know the darkside of what a leaderboard can do, and the stress that comes along with it. I never intended to be a leaderboard grub but i became one because sister jean and I were not getting along at the time and i wanted to out her. but over time the leaderboard became an addiction)

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