Have you decided to use another Q and A site since Blurtit changed their format?


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Well, I decided to try Fun Advice, Enotes, Yahoo Answers, Answerbag, and WikiAnswers but Blurtit is still the most engaging one yet. Despite the sudden change in format, once you tried it out, you will get used to it after that. Well, the rest of the FAQ websites seems to lack the attractive feeling that Blurtit does, so once I used the others for a while, I immediately went back to Blurtit and for now, I still love it.
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I answer on 3 anyhow but dominate on this one, but rank high in several categories on Yahoos Q&A so if it gets boring here, I just jump over to one of the other two. Many, many users have complained about Blurtits new format and jumped ship but now are rapidly coming back here , including some of the biggest complainers are back so how bad can it really have been or be
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I have thought about it .  But haven't done anything about it. 
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I've actually stayed on this one, but I don't go on here as much.

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