What are some things that you would want to change about Blurtit? I would make it so that comments on my answers would be in the Alerts.


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Aless Harley answered
I think that comments on your answers should give you alerts too. There is an option to get an email alert for it but I don't know why it doesn't do it for the site alerts too. If you have site suggestions you can use the contact button at the bottom of the page. The blurtit team are busy but it may be something that the programmers can do in the future.
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Maddie commented
Yeah I get the email alerts about comments but I feel it would be SO much easier if it was just in the alerts! Thank you for your answer.
Aless Harley
Aless Harley commented
Yeah I think that it's something I'm gonna mention to them cause I'm part of the team, I don't work in the actual office, I work at home, but I try and always report glitches I find or good suggestions I can think of. I prefer to keep blurtit stuff within the site too cause a lot of different things go to my email inbox. I also prefer the look of the site now but maybe it needs some of the old 'features' back or some new ones.
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Janey answered
I agree with Maxine as i follow quite a lot of people and vice versa and lots of answers are deserving of helpfuls and i always feel bad about leaving someone out.Ten is too small when you look at the number of Questions and Answers being posted on a daily basis.
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Maxine Chan answered
I would add a limitless of helpfuls.. 10 is too little.
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Maddie commented
Haha that is exactly right...I have no idea why they limited the helpfuls, we SHOULD have limitless of them!!
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Arthur Wright answered
Then go for it all and have Blurtit return to the way it was once
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Maddie commented
Well actually I like the format now...well actually I like this FORMAT but not the new 'rules.' I want the 'like' and 'dislike' buttons. I want to have more details on my profile.

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