How can I ask questions on Blurtit?


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Yo Kass , Blurtit Community Manager and asker of many questions, answered

How to ask questions on Blurtit:

Watch this tutorial video

Asking a question on Blurtit is simple:

1. Hit the 'ask' icon on the top of the page

2. We recommend you take into consideration three things whilst typing your question:

  • That your question is well-written and clear
  • That your question is helpful to as many people as possible
  • That your question is not too time specific

3. Once you're happy with your question, hit the 'next' button.

4. You'll see a screen of suggested questions. We show these to make sure your question hasn't been asked before. If none of the ones displayed are relevant, just skip this step.

5. You'll also need to categorise your question - helping Blurtit to decide who's feeds to display your question in. We try to match your question with people that are interested in the category you choose, so that you receive the most helpful answers possible.

6. Hit the 'ask' button.

And that's it! You've asked a great question on Blurtit.

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Uhm...I'm pretty sure you've just asked one. But, nonetheless, there is a button at the top of the page that says "Ask." It also has a speech bubble next to it. Then, after you're done typing, you click the topics, and you click the other button. That doesn't help much....But I don't have a lovely memory. 8p

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