How do I get my question answered on Blurtit?


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Yo Kass answered

If you ask a question, you will most likely get an answer if someone has the knowledge required to answer it.

However, there are some simple things askers can do to make it more likely they will get an answer:

  1. Have a human avatar (it helps answerers feel like they're addressing someone, or helping someone out)
  2. Ask the question in a clear and concise way. Some questions put people off when they are rambling and incoherent.
  3. Don't be too specific. If you ask something like 'what is the puk code to my Samsung galaxy note with the the phone number 04882044005' - very few people will feel like they can help out.

    Whereas, the answer to 'How do I find the PUK code on a Samsung?' might resonate with more people and be just as useful.
  4. Ask something interesting.

    Yes, we're here to try and help people out regardless of what the question is - but it's nice to answer interesting questions, so these will always get more attention.

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Johnny Cash answered
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Nealious James answered

Hello! If your question does no look spammy and that
it deals with a fun topic, it will definitely get answered by the community.
You can also adjust your post if you see that things are not working out as
expected. You don’t really need to do more to be frank! All the best!

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Megan goodgirl answered

don't worry soon you'll get your answer.

SOLOMON AFOLAYAN , Solo, answered

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