How do I let Google Plus know that I'm a contributor to What benefits does this give me?


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Dan Banks , Google Plus addict., answered

Letting Google Plus know that you contribute to is really easy. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the 'About' section of your G+ profile page.
  2. Scroll down the 'About' page until you find the box called 'Links'.
  3. Click 'Edit' at the bottom of this box and a pop-up will appear.
  4. The pop-up will contain a field which says 'contributor to', fill this out with Blurtit's URL (
  5. Once you've filled the pop-up out, just hit the 'Save' button, and you're done!

What benefits does being listed as a contributor to Blurtit on Google Plus give me?

This is the interesting part. If you list yourself as a contributor on Blurtit then your picture will appear next to search results on a Google search. A great way to publicise your writing!

It's also worth noting that Blurtit gets around 12.5 million page views per month, which is perfect if you want to put your content in the shop-window!

It also means that your Blurtit content will appear when people search for your name, and in general it makes your Blurtit writing far more visible to Google.

Google authorship has a bright future, with Google planning to vastly expand this part of their social network. This will mean the benefits will continue to roll in!

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