How would you improve Blurtit?


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Noah Green answered

Hey Dan,

I was going to send this to you in a message, but I figure this question was perfect for what I was going to send. So, the mobile site looks great! Yet, there is one thing that distracts me to high heaven while I'm looking at a question.

The user avatars appear to be stretched out . . . Like bad. It isn't necessarily an issue of functionality, so much as it's just a little eye candy issue.

It's like driving down the street, and the person coming from the opposite direction has their brights on. You are still able to drive, but you have to squint and strain a little bit to maintain control over your vehicle.

That's really the only issue I've seen at all at the moment.

Besides that, everything's great. Although, a chat feature would be sweet.



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Noah Green
Noah Green commented
I was thinking along the lines of what Facebook has instituted. So, I'd be leaning towards of an instant messaging service. Just seems like a fun little idea, as well as practical. :)
Dan Banks
Dan Banks commented
Cool, thanks for the suggestion!
Noah Green
Noah Green commented
No problem.
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Adila Adila answered

Many ways! Lets explore some!

  1. Easier ways to chat. It doesn't seem very user friendly right now , I'm struggling to persuade all my old blurtit friends to come back on because they believe that this new blurtit restricts you on speaking out.
  2. More users of course! I'm still working on it. But blurtit needs to find a variety of users. Right now, I feel like the odd one out. You guys are all clever and I'm the only dumb one here. Thanks guys!
  3. The obvious one guys need to figure out how users can upload their own avatar and NOT through twitter.
  4. The "topics" section has a few glitches I thinks...It won't allow me too follow some of them. Any reason?
  5. The old blurtit would have funny and nice captions as soon as you logged on! That would be fun if we had that now, it would just make blurtit seem a little more fun! Things like "Shalom Addi" it used to say...made me feel special for a bit LOL.
  6. Where is your suggestions tab? I thought you had one...for users to post in there how to make blurtit great! I have many suggestions!
  7. With the questions that don't get answered and maybe of someone's expertise on here, there should be a "suggestion" thing where blurtit suggests questions that certain users can answer. Similar to the ones the user has already answered or asked.

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Andrew Neal answered

To be honest, I am beginning to think this is growing on me, but I need a way to access without going to the Internet. It would be great to be a native app for iOS. I'm certain it would draw plenty of attention!

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