Is it ok to post a link in my answer on Blurtit?


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Dan Banks , Blurtit community manager., answered

Yes, it's fine to post a link in a Blurtit answer - as long as the link is relevant to the question or answer. However, we do not encourage the heavy usage of links because it may make your answer look spammy, which isn't helpful to the reader!

Remember that Blurtit is about sharing knowledge, having constructive discussions and helping people. Spammy content laden with unhelpful and irrelevant links is not what Blurtit is about!

If you have a particular blog or website that you would like to promote then you can link to that in your profile bio, or link to it in an answer if it's relevant.

If you have any other queries about our linking policy then please get in touch!


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Anonymous , Blurtit User, answered

I personally find that links in an answer look like the answer is likely to be advertising a certain product or promoting a blog and this makes me less likely to take time reading that answer or rate it as helpful.

I prefer the method that Twitter uses as you can always find the link to someone's website there without the tweets being full of links and I think Blurtit should be the same. If you find someone's answers helpful the next natural thing would be to follow them and then look at their profile. It would be helpful where people are making recommendations for them to put a relevant link in, but where it's for their own blog or product, I would not be interested in seeing those in answers.

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Himanshu mishra , happy wheels online free, answered

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