What is the best website to get cheap last-minute holiday deals?


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There are some great online resources for discovering cheap and last-minute deals to dream locations all over the world! All you need is time to check them out and an eye for a bargain.

Here are are some of my favorite cheap vacation sites:

  • www.travelzoo.co.uk - This is my favorite site as it's easy to navigate and great at displaying the best deals for you! Plus it has 26 million subscribers around the globe.
  • www.lastminute.com - This website is pretty good too, but it mainly focuses on beach-related holidays. So if you're looking for something more adventurous, you may want to look elsewhere.
  • www.groupon.co.uk - Groupon is a great place to find really cheap deals on holidays and on days out in areas far more local areas. This mixture makes it a great tool for the seasoned bargain hunter!

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What holiday did I miss?

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