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My friends: obviously, we are all disappointed in Darren.
Wtf, dude? No call for that.
I suggest there may be larger issues, none of which are ours, and none that justify that nonsense.

Let’s not allow this crap to break down the tight knit group we have here.

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Let's skip whether people have a right to be mad at God---lot's of historical "holy" people have been mad at Him.

More importantly, feel free to be mad at God---in the first place, He is quite capable of handling our anger; and in the second, He's really great at being able to comfort … Read more

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It’s definitely the worse thing I’ve ever seen written on this Site!  We’ve all tried to be nice to Darren. Well, no more! He just showed his true colors!!!  He’s the one doing all the bullying and he wants people to feel sorry for him. He’s Dusgusting!!!  🤮🤮🤮