Is it true that you need to make sure your questions are spelled correctly and elaborate otherwise they won't be answered?

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Mike J answered

Pretty much correct.

During my time here, I've seen PLENTY of questions that had a lot of spelling mistakes (the most annoying example: "Dose" instead of "Does"). Some questions had such bad spelling mistakes that they weren't even understandable.

You need to elaborate on questions too this way the users who are trying to help you out know exactly what you're looking for. That was a problem on the old Blurtit too, where a lot of questions lacked detail needed to answer them. An example would be a question that says "What does this mean?" or "Does he like me?" and those questions did not even have details needed to provide a good answer.

So yes, make sure your questions are understandable and have enough information, and you'll most likely get an answer to your question(s).

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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

Not at all, In all the years Ive been answering on several Q&A websites, spelling has never been a factor in my answering them if I could make out what they were trying to ask so no spelling has nothing to do with how many or quality of answers you get

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Ray Dart answered

The "Old" Blurtit rules requested (actually pretty much insisted) that questions were of  reasonable standard of English, Grammar, Syntax and spelling with no textspeak.

This request was pretty much ignored by all and sundry and this resulted in some pretty poor exchanges.

I think I detect a slight change in the mood at Blurtit, with a genuine hope that questions (in particular) are reasonably well-presented.

It goes without saying that a better constructed question will, generally-speaking, get a better answer.

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Yo Kass answered

I agree with Ray's answer here. I obviously spend a lot of time on the site answering questions, and I think spelling is quite important.

Firstly, it just makes communication easier/leaves less room for ambiguity and confusion. Especially considering the different nationalities of the readers visiting our site.

Secondly, I think it's also a bit of a respect thing.

I'm not a spelling snob by any stretch of the imagination. There are plenty of typos and mistakes in my Q&A's too, but when you see a question that is full of text speak, clearly misspelled words, very poor grammar... It makes me personally think:

"why should I spend my time carefully considering and writing an answer, when the person asking the question hasn't even spent the time to make sure it's worded properly?"

The third point, and this is quite an important one, is that the better presented our questions and answers are, the better of an impression we make as a community.

Because we're at the beginning of this project, it's up to us to raise the bar and set the standard for future users and new recruits.

We want to welcome people that join us with pages that are easy to read, helpful, fun and engaging. Good spelling doesn't guarantee that, but I think it's a positive start.

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John McCann answered

Spelled close enough and elaborate enough that someone knows what you are talking about.

No text abreviations!

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Kelly H. answered

Not necessarily but it is perferred as it makes it much easier for people to be able to read and understand and also so that other blurters can easily know what you are asking and can easily answer it and give you the best answer possible.

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