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I check the notifications to see if I need to respond to any of them.

Then straight to the questions.

I read each one until I get to yesterday's date, answering as I go if I think I can make a meaningful contribution or an occasional wisea** remark.

I sometimes then go back and answer / comment on … Read more

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You dont have to worry about me, I check exceedingly more then needed. Its my OCD ways.

Check notifications, glance at chat section, view the new questions page. Respond/answer questions, and once in a while ask a question.

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All my notifications go to my email so I check that first and respond to any comments I think need responding to. Then, I log on and check the new tab. I look for the fun questions first as they are easiest and quickest to answer, then move to the informative help questions that I … Read more

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first notifications through email, i'll reply to any replies or reply to any comment, then i'd go through the popular section and answer questions, or reply to comments. If someone sen't me a massage or followed me i always check those first, especially if it's a message

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I check my notifications and make comments. Then I click on the Blurtit icon and then New and read all of the new Q's. Then I check out the Discovery page and look at the pics, then it's off to the Topics page and I click on Unanswered and check out those Q's.

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I usually stay signed in on my android. First I read and thank a lot of good answers and have some laughs. Answer some questions if I can. Give some greetings to friends if they are online (something that started on the last days of Ask) and check in whenever I get a chance.

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First I go to notifications, then go to the "new" tab because I want to see what questions I've missed out on, click on the questions I like to thank people's answers that I like and/or answer the question, and I ask questions whenever I think of one.

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For me it's a little different. First I go through all the questions for content and check for spam or inappropriate questions, then I have to look at all the answers from the night before for the same thing and then I check my notifications. Takes a while but it's my job. I find some … Read more

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Here in the UK, foxes have really only three enemies.

Man, Badger, Cat

Badgers will only attack foxes (usually) when there is competition for food. A full-grown badger is a formidable opponent.

Cats and foxes rub up against each other in towns, most battles end up in victory for the cat.

Man, of course, kills everything.