List a few things that you have learn from Blurtit?


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1.  Too many useless question

2. Everyone act robotic

3. Following a person is not meant to get your answer from him

4. Asking question is easy but everyone not asking question in best way they need describe it before asking them . So its looks weird seeing a question mark after a normal question

5. You can also discover that I wanted to know this answer of the question and I didn't know that thats very handy  .

6. LOL I have no idea why I am answering your question

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Asik Mahmud
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onHOLD process the question will remain hide from feed list, suggestion,search,discover . so people won't get the useless question to answer and blur-it remain safe.
Yo Kass
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we used to have an pre-approved, approved, disapproved system - but it started getting complicated.

Also, i think, partly because we are a general Q&A site (so not a niche site like Stackoverflow for example) there is a risk with relying too heavily on a voting system.
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what do u mean "Hey Denzel, Why my comment is deleted :O"
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I received a helpful answer to one of my first questions on here about my grandson's reading:

I remember reading something about the color of the sun actually being green! That was news to me. I don't use this site as often as I would like though, as I have other engagements during the day, but when I do I generally find some thing or other to lose myself into, as well as some rather bizarre questions too!!!

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