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I think Bootstrap. Its an opensource and well documented.  And after if you can customize some options that will be great . And after all bootstrap uses  are increasing day by day so people are meant to familiar with this working set.  And Also you can get about 16000+ project about Bootstrap in … Read more

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I'm writing in the UK where we have a different medical system - the NHS - but I took a look at the US Medicare website to try to answer your question.

On the page where you can search to see whether your treatment is covered by Medicare Part B, I typed in "online consultation" … Read more

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1.  Too many useless question

2. Everyone act robotic

3. Following a person is not meant to get your answer from him

4. Asking question is easy but everyone not asking question in best way they need describe it before asking them . So its looks weird seeing a question mark after a normal question

5. … Read more

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Difference between Hand-note and Book or More Book and library.
In simple JavaScript is like A,B,C,D,E,F------Z. and JQuery is like ready library. where you can easily grab some awesome sentence and pattern can write your own book. 
An Example : [i made a fiddle for better understanding :)]
View my  Fiddle Or you can read bellow ,

In … Read more

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I think you'd struggle to recreate a site like Blurtit using a framework alone.

However, if you just want to create a Q&A site, then there are a few "plugins" out there that would offer a quick solution. QHub is the first one that comes to mind.

Otherwise, you could use a framework like Bootstrap to build … Read more