I have asked a question Not sure if I did it correctly. How will I know this and how will I receive an answer. should I keep checking the website?

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Yo Kass answered

Did you ask a question using the same profile you are asking with here? If so, then you should receive a notification (on Blurtit and via email - possibly in your "spam box" unfortunately), as soon as someone posts an answer.

Bear in mind that we're still a small community and growing every day, so not all questions get answered right away yet.

I checked out your profile though, and can't see any other questions (apart from this one), so just make sure that you didn't post the question before you signed up.

If that's the case, it will post anonymously, and you will have to search for it using the search bar at the top of the page,

Luckily, once located, you can still keep tabs on the activity on that page without having to login and check the question all the time.

There is a "follow question" button on the top right of every page. Just click that to receive alerts when there are new answers to read.

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