This is a question and answer website. If I want to link to any website then how can I do it?


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How to link on Blurtit?

Linking to websites from Blurtit is pretty easy. You simply type the url of the site you want to link to in the answer box here.

For example,

You can also use the link button in the text editor bar above.

Are all kind of links allowed on Blurtit?

Unfortunately, open forums and knowledge sharing websites like Blurtit are often targeted by spammers who abuse linking to try and game Google's pagerank algorithm (an algorithm that attempts to sort webpages by the relevance of links coming to them from other sites).

This risks creating a situation where a lot of "weak content" is posted on the site, that is of no use to genuine Blurtit users, just for the sake of dropping a link.

Obviously we want to try and keep Blurtit clean and interesting, with answers that actually address the question, rather than some vague text with a backlink embedded inside.

That's why I personally remove and block users who perform this kind of spammy activity. I'm helped out greatly by our community who regularly report this kind of behaviour, a little bit like having our own Blurtit Webspam team :)

So when can I link on Blurtit?

The rule is pretty simple: If someone's answer is good and a link would support it in making it even better, then the link is more than welcome.

If instead, a user submits 3 or 4 lines of vague information, or uses the answer to directly pitch or market a product in a way that seems dishonest, I will do my best to remove it and block the user from accessing the site.

Are spam links really that bad?

I think so. Spammy links kill the internet in my opinion.

They make browsing websites and finding information difficult, they water down Google search results, and they add an extra workload on people who could be spending their time more constructively.

Believe it or not, certain websites have "attacked" Blurtit with spammy links in such an aggressive way that the only way to stop them is to contact their domain registrar and site host, asking them to take action.

I also proactively report websites to Google's own Webspam team, as well as the social media profiles associated with those accounts.

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