If Blurtit had an official song, what would it be?


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I don't remember the name of it but it goes, "help...I need somebody, help...not just anybody".

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Adila Adila answered

'Deception' by MisterNothing :D Because nobody knows who anybody really is on here , and how people in real life can be so deceiving and then you come on blurtit and you find the most honest people ever!

You will fall in love with this song.

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Anonymous commented
I think it should also be 'Cant Forget About You' by R5 because I cannot forget about this website!! :) :) :)
Adila Adila
Adila Adila commented
Yeah....I still prefer MisterNothing LOL. :)
Adila Adila
Adila Adila commented
*whispers* 'MisterNothing'.... LOL and you can't have two choices that's greedy LOL
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I think it should be Happy by Pharrell Wiliams

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Partly because I've had this song stuck in my head since I watched the Lego Movie this morning, and also because I think the lyrics represent all the positivity and randomness that I get from being part of our little community we have going on here, I would say this:

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