If Blurtit were an animal, what would it be?


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I think Blurtit is best described as a bit of a 'zoo' rather than one specific animal. Some of the questions we get are wild and unusual (like a coyote), whilst some are more subdued and personal (like a fluffy baby puffin).

What animal would Blurtit be?
There's also a lot of wisdom being shared on Blurtit, so something like an owl might be a great representation of the community.

A cat is another animal I think matches Blurtit's personality well. Felines are interesting, curious, and great companions - all qualities that can be attributed to the Blurtit community

Perhaps the most accurate (and most obvious) animal representation of Blurtit is the good old Homo Sapien - or human. Blurtit is a place where people from all over the world connect and share knowledge, and it is this ability to communicate and socialize that makes humans the greatest ape of all!
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I think Blurtit Bear would be good, because the alliteration is nice and always appeals to people for marketing purposes:

Bears are also a symbol of wisdom, greatness and strength and I feel that this represents Blurtit well.

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