What type of music do you like?


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Darling Divaa answered

I love all kinds of music except rap and heavy metal. I mostly listen to 60's and 70's rock bands like the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Eagles, the Animals, Foghat, Janis Joplin, Lynard Skynyrd and so on lol. I do occasionally listen to country music, it can be uplifting..... (:

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I like popular music.

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Kk polly answered

Japanese songs



Demi Lavato

It varies :)

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Clement Goh answered

I love  fresh pop songs from singers like Jessica Simpson, Christina Aguilera, Jesse McCartney etc. Listening songs through radio is my groove too. 

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Once you have got past the slightly pretentious opening (the first 4 minutes).


I have spent over a year trying to perfect the solo at around 6 minutes - it'll probably take a year yet..... :(

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Lard Ass
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I love rock mixed with an orchestra! Trans Siberian Orchestra is a great show if you've never seen them....course you probably have, but still!

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