How do you get more followers on Blurtit?


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Taylor Brookes Profile
Taylor Brookes answered

Try answering questions. When you give good/helpful answers, people will 'thank' you and you will gradually become more well-known and people will look at you profile and follow you. Good luck :)

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Yo Kass answered

Posting questions and answers regularly. You're more likely to show up in people's feeds that way, and they'll probably follow you if you seem interesting.

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Karla Lol
Karla Lol commented
Ok, but how do I know what to ask
Yo Kass
Yo Kass commented
I guess just ask questions you want to know the answers to throughout your day.

I also check on the questions posted to the site on // and try to answer anything I can.
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Clement Goh answered

Just be yourself, don't be rude or inconsiderate though.

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