How do I get started on Blurtit?


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Getting started on Blurtit is pretty simple.

So you've created a profile, now it's time to ask or answer questions!

1. Asking

You can dive right in by hitting the "ask" icon on the top of the page and typing in a new question:

2. Answering

If you feel like sharing some knowledge and helping people out, you can also start answering our community's questions. There are two steps to finding them:

- Go to the "Topics" page

- Visit either "Questions" (all questions) or "Unanswered" (only the unanswered questions)

You can also sort the questions by topics using the tabs on the right hand-side:

There's lots more to do on Blurtit though, so get discovering - and if you have any questions about using the site,  just use the "Ask" button on the  top of the screen and I'll do my best to answer them in super fast time!

You can also message the Blurtit Team through the Uservoice page.

Happy Blurting!

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