What is 1 thing you could change about Blurtit to make it better?


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Woof Woofy answered

I still hate getting edit notifications when I edit my own answers and questions (I wish they would get rid of that).

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Soul Fly
Soul Fly commented
Uncheck and then click update
Woof Woofy
Woof Woofy commented
did that months ago lol. im not talking about the notifications you get in the email. just the ones on this site itself.
Soul Fly
Soul Fly commented
Wait... those are for email?! You just blew my mind. Sorry, I had tried it and then made an edit and I didn't see a notification, turns out it was just because it had lagged. My bad, but yeah Awesome idea! lol
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Ancient Hippy answered

Get rid of the Anonymous option.

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