What is one of the craziest questions that you have seen on here?


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Oh my. Its probably mine.

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I always remember the time someone asked "How to nail jello to a wall?"

Quite a few years ago there was a "trending" question about a couple who were "experimenting" in the bedroom using rubber bands. The band was left on a certain part of the male's anatomy and he fell asleep, only to awake requiring urgent medical attention due to lack of blood flow to the area.

Another question I will never forget was from a guy asking for help as his wife was in labour. If it was genuine, that would have been the first time the Blurtit community assisted in a live birth, which is pretty cool!

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This one ranks right up there!

If you completely shut down Blurtit then restart, will it make the glitch go away?

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Not really ... that's the first thing our IT department always tries. And whenever I call technical support for whatever ... that's the first thing they always ask me to do.

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This one.

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Here's one:

Why do people not believe in vampires? I mean if we are here there has to be other things out there then just humans. And no vampires don't go online. They can't because they have to stay hidden. So if you have any questions just ask and I will answer

Thank goodness for copy and paste!

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