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Yes i am agree. However, Facebook is not "The best" due the purpose but one of the greatest If you know how to use it and how to get there.

As i always state my opinion about these matters, the subject is there, it all depends on people and how they use it. It can … Read more

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Gather together on a Friday in summer, under a huge, ornate letter Z, where there would be feasting all day on grilled meat and seafood, live music (not rap, bluegrass, or death metal) and rum drinks all around. Weather permitting, this must occur outdoors.

At nightfall, a communal toast would be raised to the miracle … Read more

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We are easily able to form habits subconsciously but we can never break it the same way. We only can free ourselves from it consciously which is one of the most difficult missions to accomplish.

That's how people keeps struggling with addictions in variable categories and it's a draining process to make a change.