Is the "Ask Anonymously" feature a good thing?


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Levi F. answered

Judging by the recent anonymous questions that have been asked, it doesn't seem to be.

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

It has it's goods and bad. When used by someone who really needs info but doesn't want to reveal themselves, it's OK. But many abuse it to ask dumb or smart alek questions. It's part of the system, so we have to either use it and help or ignore it. Personal choice really.

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Cindy Lou answered

It doesn't bother me unless they use it to just mess around because they think it's funny.  If you're that bored, go read a good book for gosh sakes and quit wasting our time.

But if it's someone that needs an answer and wishes to keep that part of their life confidential, it's perfectly fine by me. I haven't used it yet, but I actually do have a few questions I would like help and opinions on to ask by using it, and they are valid questions I am wondering about, but I wouldn't want someone to know it's me simply because I have that right to chose what others know and do not know about my life.

I most likely won't ever use it simply because it seems so many get upset at "anonymous".  People do need to realize that on other sites they are not looked down upon for going anonymous on answers OR questions. They write "going anonymous on this one" and all is okay.

So yes, I think it needs to be kept here, yet used responsibly.

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I think its good for new users who ask questions under anonymous. If they get good answer replies, from us, they will probably come back here without the anonymous thing on and join the community.

But if you are here for months and decide to suddenly anonymously ask, Its strange. If we know each other well then just send it through PM's.

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