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Different roots. "xeno-" means "stranger, foreigner". "geno-" means "people, nation". Similar, but slightly different senses. 

In the sci-fi world, "xenocide" means the killing of an alien race.

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Most Christmas trees are grown on farms that specifically raise Christmas trees. It's not as if natural forests are being raided for the holidays. These farms also cut trees in such a way that new ones grow back at the cut site.

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I live right in the heart of Pennsylvania. Like Darren, we also say " youns ". It's our version of " y'all ".

I may have told this story before, but, I was in a South Carolina airport one time and ordered a coffee. The lady asked if I was from Pennsylvania because of my … Read more

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Some say i sound Southern but I'm from Southwestern Pennsylvania but we are known for using words such as Youns  . This one nurse told me one time, you sound like a true Pennsylvanian.  But it's true we are known to use that word quite often when speaking to people.

YOUNS means "You guys, you all" … Read more