What does the green and red boxes do underneath your name when you answer a question? You click on it and a check mark comes up? What does that mean?


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Ray Dart answered

The main thing you need to remember is that every time you see a contribution from Ray Dart is that you are supposed to click on the green button.

I was amazed when I found this out, but apparently it is a long-standing tradition.

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Jaimie  JT
Jaimie JT commented
Lol :) when I see you I will hit only red button now then :p I like to be obstinate ;)
Ray Dart
Ray Dart commented
Ohhh JT, I am distraught....
Jaimie  JT
Jaimie JT commented
Yes , I'm very good at distraughtifying people .. That's a word . Well this sucks because my phone did not underline that word so it may very well be a word....
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Jaimie JT answered

I don't know anything about those boxes so I just hit thank's  when I like an answer and I don't worry about those colours then.

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