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The average heart rate of a 31 year old woman is 60 to 100 beats . I googled it up . Is that right?


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Jaimie JT answered

Google is awesome for finding answers :) you just have to know how to ask the right questions :p not only your age ... But your fitness level should be considered when finding a healthy resting heart rate ... I suggest you try googling again ... I like livestrong links in regards to this kind of search. I know his "brand"  has some kinda scarlet letter now cos of steroids or something ... But I like the livestrong site and brand ... And all it stands for. He's done so much good for the world. But he took one pill so all that good matters not ... Aight then ;) 

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PJ Stein answered lists it at 60-80 for a resting heart rate. It depends on the fitness level of the person. The fitness level effects the rate. The healthier the person the lower the rate.

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