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1.) Affordable healthcare for all

2.) Sign a bill raising Social Security benefits $15.00

for the next 4 years

3.) Raise taxes on the wealthy and millionaires while giving a tax break for those who are Middle Class income

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Only three?

Require Congress to pass a balanced budget every year by law, disqualified from seeking re-election if they fail. Removal from office if they fail twice. 

Congressional pay raises cannot exceed SSI increases. 

Redirect all foreign aid dollars to US infrastructure projects. Call in foreign debt. 

I would also like to see:

Count every state as 1 in the … Read more

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I am all for the second amendment, but there needs to be some kind of regulation on purchasing guns. With stabbing you need to be close and physically make contact. It takes a truly committed action to stab someone to death. With a gun it is a quick trigger pull and you do not need … Read more

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It isn't as important. Beauty fades with time. Each guy will have his own personal tastes on physical attributes, just like those that are less intelligent. But if you look absolutely stunning and can't carry a conversation about something other than the latest celebrity scandal, you cannot possibly sustain a relationship.
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Go to your state law board's website and look up lawyers. Also check for any complaints. If you see one or two complaints, that is normal. Some people who didn't win their case will blame their lawyer even though they had no case. If you see a lots of complaints, avoid that lawyer. Also talk … Read more