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I think they need to a year round schedule. Instead of taking one long break over summer,  I think having a couple of weeks off each season would be better. Say two weeks for Christmas, two weeks in spring and two in summer and two weeks in fall. Studies have shown by taking such a … Read more

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I am not really a movie person. I just don't have the patience to sit and just watch for 2 hours. Oh but the drive in! Such great memories! Sundays were $1 carload night. In the early 70s cars were huge, and in the late 70s when I was in high school half the people … Read more

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Great day!  I love movies and really miss our local drive-in.  And my favorite is live theater!

A little story:  When I was a teenager, my boyfriend and I fell asleep at the drive-in (a la Wake Up Little Suzie).  When we woke up, the place was empty, and we took off  very quickly without unhooking … Read more

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You are not going to please everyone, so do what you and your future spouse want to do. It is your day. Also something will not go as planned. Do not waste time and energy being upset by that. Adjust things accordingly and focus on the joy of celebrating with family and friends.

At my … Read more