Hi guys, help me out by giving me your opinion on what YOU would see in a healthy community? Do you see kids playing outside? Do you see a lot of resources available to the public? Do you see clean parks? Let me know what YOU would see please (:

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Ray Dart answered

You may need to explain whether you mean healthy in the sense of "most of the people are healthy" or "the community is functioning well as a group of people".

I have an interest as part of my responsibilities around here is to provide and maintain play equipment and open air facilities for members of my village.

I'm always pleased to see the local playgrounds in use by the local children (and their mums and dads too :) ).

We could, and should do more - But it's always about having the money, and we don't ever have enough.

On the whole though, our community is "healthy" in most senses for both interpretations of the word.

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Matt Radiance answered

I assume a healthy community is a connective community. A community with healthy and clear access to essential utilities and medicals. I see modernization is required as much as possible as well as protecting the basic traditions and cultural advertisement and education.an educated community with a high rate of reading and studying. A high quality system and available tools for education. Growing and educating responsible members related to life, environment, human rights and civil rights. An active community as members of the society regarded social and political involvements. Serving certain national duties and performing responsibilities. A community connected to all the sources with reasonable local employee market. Availability of sources according to each group age. Availability of national archives. And a clear quick access to federal offices.

In particular, according to the situation regarding today's generation. More physical interaction and activity is highly required in order to set and consider a community as a healthy one.

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