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Well, once upon a time, this site had 2000+ contributing members and it was a very successful combination of social media and Q&A. You could post pictures and so on. Like FB but much  better. Now, of course it's nothing like so ground-breaking, still fun but a very pale shadow of it's former self.

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The first part of your question is so difficult to answer. I do not have a specific favourite meal because I enjoy various dishes. When I was a child, my mum liked to experiment a lot in the kitchen, so I love eating.

For the second part, I do not do that. I just … Read more

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Firstly, you'll need patience (and be prepared to break a few bottles!) Then rough up the surface where you want to drill with emery paper. (Helps to stop the drill slipping when you start). Tape over the point where you want to drill also with masking tape - it will also help to stop the … Read more