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Today's question Cont'd...... National Walk to School Day, National Pumpkin Seed Day, and National Coffee with a Cop Day.

I used to walk to school. It was tough in the snow. I had to walk uphil both ways (LOL)

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I'm in!  There's a lot to love about this day.  Chocolate covered pretzels are great!  Walking to school with my friends was the best part of my day.

Both my brother and my grandpa were cops, so I had many cups of coffee with them.  (Wish I still had the chance ... I miss them!)

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Probably not until there is a decent vaccine. I have heard of two people in the last few days who didn't take the virus seriously.  One of whom works with my niece. Both tested positive for covid. My niece's colleague, who swore the whole thing was a hoax, actually ended up in the hospital. Thankfully … Read more

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Almost all "normal" domestic ducks are descended from the common mallard, so escaped farmed ducks can sometimes (rarely) breed with mallards. The progeny are usually more like the domestic duck than the mallard. Cayugas are different from both and it is extremely unlikely that interbreeding would be successful with either white domestic ducks or mallards.

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Fox TV, a few years ago, in one of the rare, more useful contributions they have made, took apart a non-brand training shoe and  compared it with a well-known branded item. Their "expert" concluded that the unbranded pair were rather better made. They were also 40 bucks cheaper!