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Hey, many years ago, I was an unpaid mod on here. I lost my mod status when I dealt very harshly with a spammer who was also a friend of the (then) MD. As it turned out that I had been doing that for a while, Blurtit got a bit scared of "volunteer mods" so … Read more
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I have some theories on this.

India isn’t much of a market for internet commerce, being largely a third world country full of poor people, many still without electricity.

The US is recognized as rich and prosperous, we supposedly have money to spare, and rubes abound.

Indian spammers don’t take time to recognize (or give a crap … Read more

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This may be the first time that Blurtit has been spammed by a known government official of a sovereign country. The (moderately incompetent) Indian agricultural minister Brijmohan Agarwal must be desperate. The country (and I am very fond of it) deserves better.

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There is a HUGE industry in and around Bangalore, also Mumbai that relies upon "getting the name out there".

They earn money according to the power of a web presence. They don't just spam Blurtit, they spam everywhere.

This will improve their search metrics, whether you respond to their contributions or not.

Most people in India (who can … Read more

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There is no process for "dropping out" ... You just stop going.
VERY stupid idea.

If you wish to transfer from public school to private school or homeschooling, there is probably a form you fill out.  You would ask at the school district offices.

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I live in a high desert at 8,000 feet in elevation.  Our humidity level is around 12% on average.  We dont experience the hundred plus temps, more than likely in mid summer we get a short string of 90 degree days.  Here you have to stay hydrated, due to elevation our hearts beet faster to … Read more